We give consulting services and offer technical advice and project based special recommendations to our customers based on the experience of our specialized and qualified team of engineers.

We support our customers with our experience and know-how in all stages of the process from the beginning to the end of a project. We ensure management of the processes with the related suppliers for faultless application of project requirements.

We offer consulting services with our technical competence and knowledge in the fields of technical specification, painting specification, work preparation, work planning, welding procedure, painting/coating, packaging, and shipment. Being in command of all processes, we anticipate and eliminate the possible problems that may occur during the project and give assistance in taking the required actions.

In manufacturing processes, we make sure that the best suppliers for the company’s requirements are identified and we supervise the progress of supply processes. When an order is placed, we keep continuous track of the project, send regular informative reports to customers and ensure that production is completed in time and with the desired quality.

In all production work, we find the supplier that best fits for the production to be done, give directions in relation to the production method and share information with our customers about the steps to be taken in accordance with certification regulations.