Our company Destructive – Non  Destructive Testing (NDT) İzmir environment and also in the central laboratory to customers across the country , factories or construction sites have the opportunity to give all kinds of services . Workspaces are  especially geothermal , Hiydro , Petrochemicals, Refineries , Manufacturing and the Natural Gas Industries .

ENKOMET , until today the organization; in particular welded connections , including forging, casting and non-ferrous materials , the X and GAMMA rays and radiographic inspection , ultrasonic method welding and material testing, magnetic particle inspection , liquid penetrant examination , eye examination, which specializes in made ​​in accordance with the standards of the hardness measurement.

All inspections and tests are reported and done by related engineers, trained operators and certified staff according to international standard level 1, 2 and 3.

Except Destructive –  the non-destructive testing as engineering services industrial plants and preparation welding procedures in manufacturing industry  (WPS ) ,  non-destructive and destructive tests ( PQR) of the procedures reported to be made ​​, welder certification tests are carried out in accordance with ASME and  EN standards  , following-up  the weldings and the welders during the application in the weld plants and reporting procedures are performed .

Our goal with Destructive – Non-destructive testing (NDT) services to our customers is to provide impartial , objective and privacy within the framework of reliable, timely , quick and quality service. Our company senior management and operators  that we give to service ; designer of the product inspection conducted by the manufacturer , supplier , installer , owner, authorized representative of this product will not be as user or maintainer will not be . This awareness has been top of our senior management , our operators have also gained this awareness.

All our operators and staff; they are included within the scope of the process ; examination , evaluation and the reporting process is legal requirements and the national – never performs its services without the flexibility to share about anything except international conditions.
All our operators have been certified to appropriate SNT – TC- 1A and EN ISO 9712 : 2012 ( EN 473 ) .