Meeting your worldwide inspection needs in various engineering disciplines for diverse industries.

We are one of the most trusted third-party inspection company in Turkey, with extended service to different regions around the globe. Our multi-talented industrial experts meet the inspection needs of our clients in the field of Oil & Gas Chemicals, Process Industries, Urban Infrastructure, Power & Renewable, Marine, Desalination & Transportation.

The key focus of our inspection is to verify that the product, process, or asset strictly adhere to the code of compliance, safety standards and client specifications. We rigorously maintain the quality of the product throughout the lifecycle of a project with stringent quality assurance and quality control system.

We assist our client in carrying out inspection as per the approved inspection and test plan or procedures, on various stages such as Material Inspection, Pre-fabrication fit-ups Inspection, Welding Inspection, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Pressure Testing and a final inspection before dispatch.