Technical inspection services provide expert inspection teams for technical site and plant inspection in different main industries. Our solutions for accurate technical inspection services help our clients to have better overlook of their purchased product.

The scope of our technical inspection work may incorporate any or all the following services:

Visual inspection, designated material/equipment is visually inspected for quality, workmanship, defects and cleanliness of work. The importance of visual inspection is often over-looked.

Dimensional checks, checks are carried out to ensure that dimensions of material/equipment are in accordance with approved drawings.

Compliance with specifications and drawings, verification of welding procedures, welder qualification, coating, rating, material certificates, shop procedures, etc. to ensure they follow specifications, drawings and standard industry practices.

Witnessing, witnessing tests, including: (non)destructive and chemical testing of materials, mechanical run test, functional test, vibration test, noise emission test, electrical performance test, etc.

Verification of documents, verifying, reviewing and/or approving all documentation required in purchase orders, such as test certificates, examination reports, test procedures, etc.

Packing and marking inspection

Reporting, submitting detailed reports for all services performed. Inspection activities for each purchase order will be reported separately.

Inspection certificate, issuing an inspection certificate immediately upon completion, assuming all requirements have been satisfied in strict accordance with the purchase order.

Enkomet inspection activities include also all Mechanical, Electrical, Statistical Quality Control, Metallurgical Engineering & Inspection, Welding Engineering & Inspection (VT, RT, UT), Eddy Current Testing (ET), Liquid Penetrant (PT), Radiographic Examination (RE), Leak Testing and Corrosion Engineering & Inspection and etc..